Solid Fuels Laboratory

Solid Fuels Laboratory

AG LABORATORY’s first established laboratory and has the biggest budget since 2001.

AG LABORATORY utilizes technological equipment to analyze precisely.

AG LABORATORY analyzes drilling samples of coal and all kinds of derivatives, imported coal samples, then reports to clients ASAP.

AG LABORATORY uses barcoding while registering the samples so that there is no way for scrambling the thousands of samples in a session registry. 

AG LABORATORY collects, saves safely all data with a privacy agreement with its client by a huge database system that is used throughout the laboratory.

AG LABORATORY’s database system allows data flow simultaneously and stores and shares data privately.

All parameters that included at the scope has been investigated in three concepts such as proximate analysis, ultimate analysis and other analysis.

AG Laboratuvar Ltd. Şti. work on solid fuel analyzing sector. Analyzes that is performed on this laboratory of ours as soon as possible and customers have been contacted by retports.
Testing standard methods used in this laboratory are; 


  • Sample Preparation ASTM D2013
  • Total Moisture Determination ASTM D3302
  • Analytical Moisture Determination ASTM D3173
  • Ash Determination ASTM D3174
  • Volatile Matter Determination ASTM D3175
  • Total Sulfur Determination ASTM D4239
  • Calorific Value Determination ASTM D5865-07 / ISO 1928


% Carbon (C)ISO/TS 12902
% Hydrogen (H) *ISO 1928
% Nitrogen (N) *TS 4059
% Oksygen (O) *ASTM D3176


  • Free Swelling Index (FSI) ASTM D720
  • Determination of Density TS ISO 5072
  • Dimension Analysis*ASTM D4749
  • Fixed Carbon Determination ASTM D3172
  • Ash Preparation ASTM D3174
  • Sulfur in ash *ASTM D5016
  • Aflame SUlfur * Calculation
  • Mineral Determination in Ash*XRF Method
  • Hard Grove Index (HGI)*ASTM D409

Amounts of analysis needed; for dimension analysis 20 kg, for other analysis 5 kg for lump coal or 500 gr for powder coal.

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